The King's School Grantham

Isaac Newton's School

    Entry into Years 8-11

     Applicants for entry into Years 8-11 will be required to take nationally standardised tests at the school to assess their suitability for admission unless they have previously passed the 11+ test in another Lincolnshire Consortium Grammar School. If necessary, we will make appropriate arrangements for those candidates who have a special educational need or whose first language is not English.

    Currently, limited places are available in Year 9 only.

    If you wish your son to be considered for a place in Years 8 - 11 please download the registration form below and return to Mrs Louise Wood (Admissions)

    The parents/carers of any applicant who is not offered a place, subsequent to the submission of an application form through their home Local Authority,  have the right to appeal to an independent panel whose decision will be binding on both the school and the appellant.

    1. Mid Year Testing Registration form