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A commitment to 'Regular Giving'

Dear Parent,

The money raised by our Regular Giving Scheme makes a real and positive contribution to the education of your boys. Since the scheme was launched several years ago, you (and your predecessors) have committed about £70,000, which many of you have also ‘gift aided’. This money goes directly into making improvements to the School and its facilities which in turn improves the education and environment for your boys.

As I am sure you can appreciate, the majority of the £5m school budget is accounted for by the day to day running costs of the School, such as utilities, staff costs, buildings and grounds maintenance. All of these leave only a relatively small amount, circa £80k, available for the heads of the teaching departments to provide the equipment, such as text books and curriculum items, to share between them.

We believe it to be our duty to provide the best possible opportunities for your boys. We have a good basis on which to work - a committed staff and an excellent record of achievement - but we also believe that we must constantly strive to enrich the experiences of our students so that they may gain the maximum benefit from their final years at School. To do so we do need extra sources of income.

During the last year many improvements have been made to the School and its facilities, and this has been possible for a number of reasons:

  • the School is committed to actively seeking grants and funding opportunities;
  • the continued support of our PTFA and their fund raising activities;
  • and, very importantly, by the committed donations by an ever increasing number of parents and carers to our Regular Giving Scheme (which can also be gift aided)

Recently money from this scheme contributed towards: the purchase of a minibus; revamp of the dining facilities; purchase of new IT; and an upgraded music department as well as many other minor improvements.

This year we are in need of further funding to support improvements to the older areas of the school. Areas specifically identified for funding include:

  • Brook Street and the Tower Block classrooms redecoration and refurbishment (£40,000),
  • the establishment of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) (£8,000), which will enable our boys to access curriculum study materials on line from home on a 24/7 basis,
  • IT improvements in the Geography Department (£6,000),
  • Improvements to the school reception areas, which will benefit pupils, parents/carers and staff (£25,000).

These all fall outside the current fund raising activities; however, they are all very important for the boys. This is where you can really help. Regular Giving really does make a difference to your boy’s future. I give you our assurance that your gifting WILL IMPROVE the educational experience for your children!

We would hope that each family feels it could contribute something to the School; for example if you gift aid £10.00 per month we can claim back the tax you have paid, so the School will receive £12.50 for every £10.00 you give. This covenanting system protects your confidentiality. We recognise some parents will be unable to help us in this way; however, please remember that every penny helps. If every family contributed at a rate of £10 per month the School could be transformed in 2-5 years.

Please help us to enrich your boy’s school days. Your boys have only one opportunity in this School and deserve the best we can provide.  Your contribution can make a huge difference.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Kirkbride

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