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Covid-19 Contextual Information

In accordance to the recommended advice from UCAS, we have listed contextual information relating to implications of the Covid-19 lockdown period on the teaching and learning for our Year 12/13 students and the process by which predicted grades have been provided:

  • In line with government policy The King’s School closed for students on Friday 20th March 2020, for 14 weeks.
  • The school remained open for Key Worker children although no Sixth Form students were on site during this period
  • Teaching for Sixth Form students moved to online provision via the schools VLE, with teachers posting work on a lesson by lesson basis and providing feedback, as well as providing voiceover Power Points and videos.
  • The school systems were not as well prepared as we would have liked to enable this to be as smooth as we would have liked and this was a period of rapid learning from the teaching staff to enable appropriate provision to reach students in an efficient and effective manner.
  • The Sixth Form teaching gradually moved away from the posting of resources to the VLE and began to involve interactive provision through Microsoft Teams. Again, this was a ‘bumpy’ process and was not universally available to all students and provided by all subjects. This continues to be a period of rapid learning from both staff and students.
  • In line with government policy the school partially re-opened in June 2020. All Year 12 students were given the opportunity to have a face to face meetings with their subject teachers to provide guidance, feedback and support with the progress of their A Level studies.
  • Subsequent Year 12 provision followed a rotation structure for the remaining weeks which enabled students to receive face to face teaching for a maximum of 4 sessions for each subject before school closed for the summer holidays
  • The annual Year 12 formal exams were unable to be held on site and the decision was taken to provide an examination experience under remote conditions. Students were able to access formal exam papers from home and given extended periods to complete their assessments before returning to their teaching staff. The conditions under which the examinations were taken was varied and the subsequent guidance on student progress has been suboptimal.
  • The quality of teaching provided for the Sixth Form was unquestionably compromised during this period.
  • In addition to the negative impact on teaching and learning, students and parents were unable to attend the annual Higher Education Evening which helps to guide the students through their University choices and future application processes. A remote presentation was offered and regular guidance posted via the Unifrog platform.

Predicted Grades

The annual End of Year exams form the basis of the centre predicted grade for the UCAS application. Due to the lockdown and subsequent remote provision for this year’s exams, the grades students achieved in their assessments were not the only factor which contributed to the predicted grade for this application cycle. Teacher assessments, ALIS & ALPS target grades and previous tests grades have all contributing towards the UCAS predicted grade.

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