The King's School Grantham

Isaac Newton's School

    Entry to Year 7 from September 2019

    Candidates who wish to apply for a place to join Year 7 after the beginning of the academic year when the student is already in Year 7 will be required to have qualified at 11+ through one of the Lincolnshire Consortium Grammar Schools OR to take the GL Assessment test papers (as outlined in the information on this website about the 11+ tests or in the relevant admission policy) which will be marked and standardised to the common Lincolnshire Consortium standard. It should be noted that the 11+ may only be taken once, be this in Year 6 or Year 7.
    Those who attain the qualifying score (220+) in the tests will either:
    • be offered a place if there are any remaining
    • be placed on a reserve list, if all the places have been filled
    Candidates who took the 11+ tests while in Year 6 and who did not achieve the qualifying score cannot apply for late entry into Year 7 but may apply to sit the school's entrance test to be considered for entry into Year 8 at the beginning of that academic year.
    Please note that the Year 7 group (entry September 2019) is heavily over-subscribed.  If you do wish to register your son to take these tests please complete the form which can be downloaded from the bottom of this page and return to Mrs Louise Wood (Admissions Officer) at:


























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