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How You Can Help - Gift Aid

Dear Parents,


As Bursar of The King’s School, I am the keeper of the ‘official school purse’ and the one responsible for balancing the books and providing the right conditions for your son’s education.

There is so much that needs to be done in the school.

You might be surprised to learn that some 80% of our budget is consumed by salaries and from a budget of about £4m a year only about £75,000 is available for heads of teaching departments to provide new text books and curriculum items.

This is where, I hope you will help us. Why a planned giving scheme? If you join the scheme it will help us to manage the school finances as we can be reasonably sure of a regular income. A few people find that standing orders are not appropriate for them, but they still want to be part of the planned giving scheme. For example some people find it more convenient to give a lump sum, say once or twice a year. A lump sum can be gift aided too, so that we claim the tax you have paid making it worth 28% more to us.

What about confidentiality? The responses on the forms are kept confidential - only the school finance staff sees the forms and know what is put on them.

What happens if I can't keep up my payments? You make no legal commitment when you join the scheme. If your circumstances change you can reduce or stop your gifts, although it will help if you tell us - in confidence of course. If you have made a standing order you will need to contact your bank.

What other methods are there?

If every child was gift-aided at a rate of £10 per month the school would benefit to the tune of about £150,000 every year which would enable us to transform the school working environment for pupils and staff.

Warm Regards,

Peter Kirkbride

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