The King's School Grantham

Isaac Newton's School

    About Us


      Senior Leadership Team

    Head Master

    Mr S Pickett BSc (Physics)

    Deputy Headmasters

    Mr S M Brook BSc PGCE  (Subject Leader Mathematics)

    Mr J A Dixon MSc BMus PGCE  (Music)

    Assistant Headteachers

    Mr N C Barton BA PGCE  (Head of Sixth Form and English teacher)

    Mrs C Martin BEd PG Ed Man  (French)

    Teaching Staff


    Mr O Acs BA PGCE 

    (Subject Leader German)

    Mr R W Anderson BA PGCE

    (Subject Leader Business Studies and Economics)

    Mr R Baker BSc MBA PGCE (Mathematics)

    Mrs F A Ball BSc PGCE


    Miss A Beedham BEd

    (Subject Leader Design & Technology)

    Miss S V Bieber BA PGCE

    (Head of Year 9,  SENCo, French and German teacher)

    Miss C Brealey BA PGCE


    Mr C B Bufton BSc PGCE


    Miss R M Burton BSc GTP


    Mr T D Cawthorne BSc PGCE


    Mrs A J Cherry BSc PGCE

    (Second in Mathematics Department)

    Mr P A Clark BSc QTS (Mathematics)

    Mr A Clarke BA PGCE

    (Chemistry teacher and Key Stage 3 Science Co-ordinator)

    Mr G L Collins BSc GTP

    (Head of Year 10, Head of Newton House, Subject Leader Psychology and Physical Education teacher)

    Mr C D Cook BA QTS


    Mr J P Cox BA MA PGCE


    Mrs A C Cunningham BA PGCE

    (Subject Leader Drama and English teacher)

    Mrs K C Daszkiewicz BA PGCE MPhil

    (Subject Leader English)

    Mr M R Davis BSc PGCE

    (Head of Year 8 and Chemistry teacher)

    Mrs J R Dodworth BSc PGCE


    Mr K Downing BSc PGCE

    (Subject Leader Chemistry)

    Dr A L Drasdo BSc PhD PGCE

    (Biology and Chemistry)

    Mrs S K Drulia  BA PGCE


    Mrs A M English BSc PGCE


    Mr B Finke MA PGCE

    (German and Philosophy)

    Mrs R E Greenfield BA MA PGCE

    (Subject Leader Geography)

    Mr M A Greenhalgh BA GTP

    (Subject Leader Computing and IT)

    Mrs K H Hamblett BSc MSc PGCE

    Mr A P Harrison BSc PGCE

    (Head of More House/House Coordinator/Physical Education and Geography teacher)

    Mrs E A Hansen BA PGCE


    Mr D J Haslam BA MA PGCE

    (Subject Leader Philosophy and Religious Education)

    Mrs M F Hayward BMed PGCE


    Mr P Hinchcliffe BA PGCE

    (Head of Year 11 and English teacher)

    Mr M D Hulme BSc MSc QTS

    (Head of School House, Physical Education and Science teacher and Course Leader for Diploma in Financial Education )

    Miss N Jackson BA MA PGCE


    Miss S Jones BSc PGCE

    (Subject Leader Physics)

    Mrs S L Law BA PGCE


    Miss K V Leek PGCE

    (Head of Curteis House, Business Studies and Economics teacher and PDC Co-ordinator)
    Mr C Lindsay BSc PGCE (Subject Leader Rugby & Physical Education teacher)

    Mr M Lond GD (Music) PGCE

    (Director of Music)

    Mr J P McCormick BA PGCE

    (Head of Year 7/Transition and Computing and IT teacher )

    Mrs E L McKenna BA PGCE

    (History and Geography)

    Mrs K A Milligan BA PGCE

    (Subject Leader History)

    Mr J N Morrow BSc PGCE

    (Head of Burleigh House and Mathematics teacher)

    Mr C Otter BA PGCE (Business Studies and Economics)

    Mr A M Payne BSc PGCE

    (ICT across the curriculum and Computing teacher)

    Mrs S A Parker BA PGCE


    Mr G N Radbourne BA MA DipHE PGCE

    (Subject Leader Art)

    Mr D A Richardson BSc PGCE

    (Head of Cricket, Psychology and PE teacher)

    Mrs T L Roberts  MA PGCE

    (Subject Leader French)

    Mr G J Saunders BSc GTP


    Mr T D Snowden BA MA PGCE

    (History and Geography)
    Mr M E Sutton BA MA PGCE (Design Technology)

    Mr M J Swettenham MSc BA PGCE


    Mr S L Tall BSc PGCE


    Miss R Thomas BSc PGCE

    (Design & Technology)

    Mr N O Whales BEd

    (Subject Leader Physical Education and Assistant Head of Sixth Form)

    Miss J E Wharrier BA PGCE

    (Religious Education)
    Mrs L Whittle BSc MSc PGCE (Geography)

    Mr R D Wicks BSc PGCE

    (Subject Leader Biology and NQT induction)


    Support Staff


    Mrs J Dickenson

    Assistant Bursar (Administration)

    Mrs S Orrey

    Head Master’s PA

    Mrs A Chesters-Thompson

    Senior Finance Officer

    Miss L C Bremner

    Reprographics Assistant

    Mrs V J Davey  BA

    Attendance Officer and Administration Assistant

    Miss S Jenkinson


    Mrs C Leake

    Finance Officer

    Mrs C Orme

    Attendance Officer and Administration Assistant

    Mrs J Parker


    Mrs S Potter


    Mrs L Arndt

    Assistant Exams and Data Officer

    Mrs L Topham

    Exams and Data Officer

    Mrs L Wood  BSc

    Payroll Manager, Admissions Officer and HR Officer

    Mrs J M Snee


    Miss L Robinson BSc

    Laboratory Technician

    Mrs J Vale-Brookes

    Laboratory Technician

    Mrs S E Watson

    Laboratory Technician

    Mr D R Slipper BA

    DT Technician

    Mrs E Dixon

    SEND Co-ordinator

    Mrs A Emmett

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs C Hainstock

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs E Newton  BA

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs L Quinn BA

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs J L Wigham

    Mental Health & Wellbeing Lead

    Mrs M J Bond

    Cover Supervisor and Pastoral Admin

    Miss S Crunkhorn

    Cover Supervisor and Food Room Technician

    Mrs S Hutchins

    Cover Supervisor and CEAIG Admin

    Mrs H Brown

    6th Form Centre Supervisor

    Mrs K Gray

    6th Form Centre Supervisor

    Mr S Pulfrey


    Mrs P Barton

    Estate Manager

    Mr James Anderton

    Site Team Member

    Mr  A Kasparavicius

    Site Team Member

    Mr S Porter

    Site Team Leader

    Mrs M Jones

    Midday Supervisor

    Mrs J Pearson

    Midday Supervisor

    Miss E Symons

    Midday Supervisor

    Ms Karen Footitt

    Estate Officer (Field)