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Year 11 GCSE English Curriculum

The English Language and English Literature courses continue. As the exams are linear and there is no early entry, all the exam topics and skills will be kept rolling.


All terms

This is a rolling programme in which the units will be taught simultaneously

Further details about the topic



Please see EDUQAS website for precise details and skills

Study of An Inspector Calls





Poetry - revision of set poems and development of unseen poetry skills.



Revision of 19th century novel and practising exam technique


Revision of Macbeth and honing of exam technique



Preparation for Language papers






Completion of spoken language presentations

Please see relevant pages on the VLE and the board website

All Literature questions involve close analysis and an ability to comment on the use of stylistic features employed by the writers.



Students are required to compare and contrast the poets’ handling of themes in the set poems and to compare and contrast unseen poems.



For all the Literature texts, including poetry, quotations need to be learned.







Comprehension (20th century fiction, 19th century and 21st century non-fiction.)



Transactional and creative writing.



Please see links on Frog VLE as well as the WJEC website

The teachers will rotate study of these various components of the course.

Summer terms will be devoted to revision




Common Assessment


Language Component 2

Mock exam


Literature Component 1 will be run before mock exam week and the remaining exams (Language Component 1 and Literature Component 2) during exam week.

Mock exam


Language and Literature 

Written test

Main Resources:




Text books

An Inspector Calls J B Priestley


Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde R L Stevenson OR

The War of the Worlds H G Wells


EDUQAS Poetry Anthology


Macbeth William Shakespeare


A variety of unseen poetry


Recommended reading

See the KS4 reading list

We recommend CGP Guides


Recommended websites



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