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Year 11 GCSE French Curriculum

YEAR 11 Studio for GCSE Higher units 5-8

In 2019-20 we will teach the topics in this order: 8,5,6 and 7.



Unit 5: Local, national, international and global areas of interest : holidays


Talking about an ideal holiday; booking and reviewing hotels; ordering in a restaurant; talking about travelling; buying souvenirs; talking about holiday disasters

The conditional; reflexive verbs in the perfect tense; en + present participle; avant de + infinitive; demonstrative adjectives and pronouns; pluperfect tense

Unit 6 : current and future study and employment: school; local, national, international and global areas of interest : healthy and unhealthy lifestyles; exchanges


Talking about school; comparing schools in UK and francophone countries; school rules; healthy living; discussing vices; talking about a school exchange

Using ‘il’ and ‘elle’; using ‘ils’ and ‘elles’; ‘il faut’ and ‘il est interdit de’ ; the imperative ; present and future tenses ; past, present and future timeframes

Unit 7 : current and future study and employment: work


Discussing career choices; plans hopes and wishes; applying for jobs; work case studies

Better, worse, best, worst; subjunctive; direct object pronouns; prepositions after verbs

Unit 8 :  local, national, international and global areas of interest : environment and social issues


Discussing problems facing the world; protecting the environment; ethical shopping; volunteering; big events

Types of word; pouvoir and devoir in conditional; passive; indirect object pronouns; presenting arguments




Type of Assessment


Units 1 -4 GCSE course

Writing (and Speaking from Year 10)


Full GCSE course (adapted to units 1-4 and 8 as far as possible)

Listening and reading comprehension, writing , speaking


Full GCSE specification

GCSE exam

Main Resources:



Course book

Studio for AQA Higher or Foundation GCSE

Other materials

Online platform (this provides access to the textbooks, online homework and additional practice exercises)

Speaking booklet

Role-play booklet

Vocabulary booklet

Recommended websites

Linguascope (school subscription)

Languages online



Pens, pencils, ruler, rubber and Pritt Stick should be brought to all lessons

Enrichment opportunities for GCSE:



Support sessions Year 11

One lunchtime a week

French  and cakes group Year 11 (extension grammar)

One lunchtime a week

Business Language Champions events

If possible


Where Next