The King's School Grantham

Isaac Newton's School

    Year 11 GCSE French Curriculum

    UNITS 5-8 Studio for GCSE Higher

    In 2018-19 we will teach the topics in this order: 8,5,6 and 7.



    Unit 5: Local, national, international and global areas of interest : holidays


    Talking about an ideal holiday; booking and reviewing hotels; ordering in a restaurant; talking about travelling; buying souvenirs; talking about holiday disasters

    The conditional; reflexive verbs in the perfect tense; en + present participle; avant de + infinitive; demonstrative adjectives and pronouns; pluperfect tense

    Unit 6 : Current and future study and employment: school; local, national, international and global areas of interest : healthy and unhealthy lifestyles; exchanges


    Talking about school; comparing schools in UK and francophone countries; school rules; healthy living; discussing vices; talking about a school exchange

    Using ‘il’ and ‘elle’; using ‘ils’ and ‘elles’; ‘il faut’ and ‘il est interdit de’ ; the imperative ; present and future tenses ; past, present and future timeframes

    Unit 7: Current and future study and employment: work


    Discussing career choices; plans hopes and wishes; applying for jobs; work case studies

    Better, worse, best, worst; subjunctive; direct object pronouns; prepositions after verbs

    Unit 8 :  Local, national, international and global areas of interest : environment and social issues


    Discussing problems facing the world; protecting the environment; ethical shopping; volunteering; big events

    Types of word; pouvoir and devoir in conditional; passive; indirect object pronouns; presenting arguments


    Autumn Term


    Type of Assessment

    CAT 1

    Units 1 -4 GCSE course


    Units 1-5 and 8

    Writing (and Speaking from Year 10)

    Full mock in December

    Spring Term



    CAT 2

    Full GCSE course

    Listening and reading comprehension, writing , speaking

    Summer Term



    CAT 3

    Full GCSE specification

    GCSE exam

    Main Resources:






    Course book

    Studio for AQA Higher or Foundation GCSE


    Recommended reading

    Grammar and translation workbook


    Recommended websites


    Languages online



    Pens, pencils, ruler, crayons. Pritt Stick should be brought to all lessons


    Enrichment opportunities for GCSE:


    Day and time or term

    Support sessions Year 11

    One lunchtime/ one after-school session

    Enrichment group Year 11

    One lunchtime a week

    In class Year 10

    Film: Untouchable