The King's School Grantham

Isaac Newton's School

    Year 13 Curriculum

    Key topics to be taught this year:



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    Autumn Term

    Issues and debates













    ·         Gender and culture in Psychology

    ·         Free will and determinism

    ·         The nature-nurture debate

    ·         Holism and reductionism

    ·         Idiographic and nomothetic approaches to psychological investigation.

    ·         Ethical implications of research studies and theory


    ·         Classification of schizophrenia

    ·         Biological explanations for schizophrenia

    ·         Psychological explanations for schizophrenia:

    ·         Drug therapy

    ·         Cognitive behaviour therapy and family therapy

    ·         The diathesis-stress model.


    Students will be expected to:

    Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of psychological concepts, theories, research studies, research methods and ethical issues

    Apply psychological knowledge and understanding

    Analyse, interpret and evaluate psychological concepts, theories, research studies and research methods

    Evaluate therapies and treatments including in terms of their appropriateness and effectiveness.

    Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of research methods, practical research skills and mathematical skills


    Spring Term
















    ·         The evolutionary explanations for partner preferences

    ·         Factors affecting attraction in romantic relationships

    ·         Theories of romantic relationships

    ·         Virtual relationships in social media

    ·         Parasocial relationships


    ·         Neural and hormonal mechanisms in aggression

    ·         The ethological explanation of aggression

    ·         Social psychological explanations of human aggression

    ·         Institutional aggression in the context of prisons

    ·         Media influences on aggression


    Summer Term


    Revision of topics





    Autumn Term


    Type of Assessment

    CAT 1


    All year 1 topics plus issues and debates and schizophrenia. 

    Past paper questions from AQA

    Spring Term



    CAT 2 (Mock)


    All year 1 topics plus schizophrenia/issues and debates/aggression.

    Past paper questions from AQA

    Summer Term



    CAT 3


    All Topics

    AQA A level exam

    Main Resources:




    Text books


    AQA psychology for A level Year 2 (978-1-908682-41-3)

    Flanagan et al


    Recommended reading

    Psychology Review magazine accessed through Frog or at https://my.dynamic-learning  


    Recommended websites

    Brain Freeze psychology