The King's School Grantham

Isaac Newton's School

    Year 13 English Literature Curriculum

    What will be taught this year:  The poetry and drama texts from AS are now paired with other texts of the same genre. Preparation will rotate to give variety, enhance enjoyment and to suit the needs of different classes. The other papers include the analysis of unseen poetry and prose and individual coursework.

    Autumn Term


    Further details about the topic



    Component 4

    A 2500-3500 word assignment based on the reading of two prose texts by

    different authors, one published pre-2000 and one published post-2000.


    Poetry and drama will be taught alongside this.


    Coursework should be completed by the end of term.

    The skills acquired at AS are intensified.



    Component 4 requires more detailed and extensive research and wider reading and therefore the assimilation of more material in the 3500 word essay.

    The emphasis is in INDEPENDENT STUDY


    As above.

    Please see website

    Component 2 is closed book so quotations must be learned.

    Spring Term





    Component 1 and 2 texts will continue to be studied.

    Component 3 – Unseen Prose and Poetry to be introduced.


    Please see EDUQAS website for a breakdown of the relevant assessment objectives





    Summer Term





    Consolidation of textual knowledge and quotations; presentations on major themes.


    Revision and essay practice.


    Autumn Term


    Common Assessment

    CAT 1

    Test on holiday reading

    Written assessment

    Spring Term



    CAT 2


    Written assessment

    Summer Term



    CAT 3

    All papers except coursework

    Mock Exam

    Main Resources:




    Text books



    Selected poems of Sylvia Plath

    Ted Hughes Selected Poems

    Chaucer Merchant’s Tale

    Component 2 Drama

    Christopher Marlowe’s Dr Faustus

    with  Enron Lucy Prebble

    A Streetcar Named Desire Tennessee Williams with The Duchess of Malfi John Webster

    Shakespeare King Lear


    Recommended reading

    Please see induction booklet, reading lists and VLE for details of coursework texts and wider reading.


    Recommended websites