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Isaac Newton's School

    Year 13 French Curriculum


    Autumn Term


    Further details about the topic



    Homelessness and those excluded from society CM





    Treatment of criminals EH







    Politics and immigration TLR



    Study of prescribed literary text: L’Étranger by Albert Camus TLR


    Start work on Individual Research Project TLR

    Groups who are socially marginalised; help for the marginalised; attitudes to the marginalised.


    Attitudes to crime; merits and drawbacks of prison; alternative forms of punishment.

    Study of the criminal: Jacques Mesrine


    Political parties and immigration; racism.




    A level grammar defined content;

    As for AS level

    Spring Term





    Demonstrations and strikes CM








    Adolescents, the right to vote and political commitment EH






    Positive aspects of a diverse society TLR




    Study of prescribed literary text: L’Étranger by Albert Camus TLR


    Complete work on Individual Research Project TLR

    The role of unions; strikes and protests; attitudes to strikes and other forms of protest.

    Study of the mai ’68 demonstrations and riots in 2005.


    The right to vote and the French political system; levels of political engagement among young people; the future of politics


    Benefits of living in a diverse society; need for tolerance and respect; promotion of diversity




    Summer Term

    Complete above topics;

    Intensive examination practice




    Autumn Term


    Type of Assessment

    CAT 1

    Autumn term topics

    Listening, reading, writing

    Spring Term



    CAT 2

    All topics

    mock exam – all skills

    Summer Term



    CAT 3

    All topics

    A Level exam

    Main Resources:






    Text books

    AQA A level text book (Years 12 and 13) Kerboodle for IT resources accompanying course


    Recommended reading

    Grammar notes + department has a stock of literature, CDs and DVDs for use by pupils


    Recommended websites

    Any French websites  - all hold a wealth of authentic materials in the target language




    Folders and associated materials which encourage good organisation; a sound basic dictionary; verb tables


    Enrichment opportunities for Sixth Form:


    Day and time or term

    Year 12/13 trip


    Individual support sessions in preparation for speaking exams

    Arranged as per needs in both Year 12 and 13