The King's School Grantham

Isaac Newton's School

    Year 7 French Curriculum

    Introduction to French/Revision: Accès Studio




    Units 1-13 Introduction to basic topics in French




    Quel âge as-tu?


    Joyeux anniversaire!


    Dans mon sac



    Ma salle de classe


    J’adore le judo


    Les goûts et les couleurs


    Tu as un animal?


    Ma grand-mère est une hippie!


    J’habite dans un château!


    A table!


    Mon pays


    La météo


    Meeting and greeting people ; spelling in French


    Counting to 21 ; saying how old you are


    Days and months ; saying when your birthday is


    Contents of your bag /the indefinite article and plurals


    Describing your classroom/the definite article


    Likes and dislikes ; talking about hobbies


    Colours ; adjectives


    Talking about animals/using a dictionary


    Talking about your family/using mon, ma and mes


    Saying where you live ; using petit and grand


    Saying what you eat and drink ; ordering in a café


    Nationalities and countries ; using être


    Talking about the weather ; rhyming and syllables

    Year 7 Continued: Units 1-4 Studio 1




    Unit 1 C’est perso!


    Likes and dislikes




    Describing personal characteristics

    Describing physical appearance

    gender and definite article le la l’ les

    -er verbs singular

    indefinite articles un une (des)

    avoir singular

    être singular; adjectival agreement singular.

    mon ma mes ton ta tes

    Unit 2 Mon collège


    School subjects

    Time and timetables

    School routine

    School food

    Culture: School in France/Christmas in France

    connectives, intensifiers

    numbers 1 - 60

    sing. –er verbs

    partitive article de la de l’ du des

    Unit 3 Mes passetemps


    Use of computers and mobiles


    Talking about playing sports

    Talking about other activities

    Saying what you like doing

    Culture: Sport and leisure activities in France

    complete paradigm –er verbs


    jouer + à la  à l’  au  aux

    paradigm faire + de la  de l’  du  des

    opinions + infinitive

    complete paradigm être

    Unit 4 Ma zone


    Places in a town

    Expressing opinions

    Places in a theme park, directions


    Saying what one can do

    Culture: Geography of France

    il y a + il n’y a pas de, the negative, questions

    complete paradigm aller + à la  à l’  au  aux


    use of vouloir



    Autumn Term


    Type of Assessment

    CAT 1

    Accès Studio; Unit 1

    Listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing

    Spring Term



    CAT 2

    Unit 2


    Summer Term



    CAT 3

    Units 1 - 3

    End of year exam including listening, reading and writing

    Main Resources:






    Course book

    Studio 1



    Recommended reading

    Unit résumés and notes

    Learning homework guidelines



    Recommended websites


    Languages online




    Pens, pencils, ruler, crayons. Pritt Stick should be brought to all lessons.


    Enrichment opportunities:

    Activities in class

    Study of films Les Choristes and Vie de chat, spelling bee

    Support sessions

    As required

    Languages Club

    Weekday lunchtime as staffing permits