The King's School Grantham

Isaac Newton's School

    Year 8 French Curriculum

    UNITS 5-6 Studio 1 and Units 1-3 Studio 2 (each unit will last approximately 10 weeks):



    Unit 5 Les Vacances


    holiday destinations

    holiday activities

    getting ready to leave

    buying drinks and snacks at a café

    talking about holiday plans 

    talking about dream holidays  

    Culture: Learning about holiday destinations in France

    Using nous

    Using reflexive verbs 

    Using higher numbers 

    Using the near future tense 

    Using je voudrais + infinitive 

    Unit 6 Studio Découverte


    A cultural unit:

    An introduction to poetry in French leading to a competition to produce a short poem in French

    An introduction to French painting leading to a research project on a French painting 

    First introduction to past tense receptively 

    Opinion vocabulary 



    Unit 1 T'es branché?


    Talking about TV programmes

    Talking about films 

    Talking about reading 

    Talking about the internet 

    Talking about what you did yesterday evening 

    Culture: French TV programmes and leisure activities 

    Revision of present tense of -er verbs and different subject pronouns, use of negative

    Revision of present tense of avoir and être

    -ir and -re verbs

    aller and faire 

    perfect tense with avoir 

    Use of adverbs and expressions of time as sequencers

    Unit 2  Paris, je t'adore!


    Saying what you did in Paris 

    Saying when you did things 

    Understanding information about tourist attractions 

    Saying where you went and how 

    'interviewing a suspect' - story about the theft of the Mona Lisa 

    Culture: Learning about Paris and doing some research about the city


    Perfect tense of regular verbs

    Perfect tense of irregular verbs 

    Use of c'était and j'ai trouvé ca

    Perfect tense with étre

    Asking questions in the perfect tense


    Autumn Term


    Type of Assessment

    CAT 1

    Unit 4-6

    listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing

    Spring Term



    CAT 2

    Unit 1-2


    Summer Term



    CAT 3

    All units

    End of year exam including listening, reading and writing

    Main Resources:




    Materials produced by department

    Studio 1 and 2


    Recommended reading

    Unit résumés and notes

    Learning homework guidelines


    Recommended websites


    Languages online




    Pens, pencils, ruler, crayons. Pritt Stick


    Enrichment opportunities:

    Activities in class

    Projects on painting and Paris, poetry competition, film study of La Famille Bélier

    Support sessions if required

    Thursday after school or as staffing permits

    Languages Club

    Weekday lunchtime 

    KS3 French/German trip

    March 2018