The King's School Grantham

Isaac Newton's School

    Year 9 French Curriculum

    UNIT 4 Studio 2; Units 1-5 Studio 3:



    Studio 2 Unit 4  Chez moi, chez toi


    Describing where you live

    Describing your home

    Talking about meals

    Discussing what food to buy

    Talking about an event, Carnaval

    Culture: Different life-styles in French-speaking countries, Carnaval

    Comparative adjectives, irregular adjectives


    Boire and prendre

    Il faut, partitive article, quantities

    Using three tenses

    Studio 3 Unit 1 Ma vie sociale d’ado


    Talking about Facebook

    Giving your opinion about someone

    Arranging going out

    Describing a date

    Describing a musical event

    Culture: La Fête de la Musique

    Revision of present, perfect and near future tenses

    Use of all three tenses

    Direct object pronouns and agreements


    Speaking at length

    Writing for a magazine

    Unit 2 Bien dans sa peau


    Naming parts of the body

    Talking about injury

    Talking about sport and sporting routines

    Talking about healthy eating and resolutions to stay healthy

    Talking about plans to get fit


    Revision of au/à la/à l’/aux

    Il faut


    Regular and irregular forms of the future tense


    Developing reading skills

    Writing a blog about staying fit

    Unit 3 À l’horizon


    Talking about jobs

    Give reasons for choices

    Talking about the importance of languages

    Talking about what you used to be like/used to do

    Talking about future plans

    Understanding someone talking about their job

    The conditional tense

    Modal verbs

    The imperfect tense

    The future tense

    Using these tenses together

    Question forms


    Talking about your dream job

    Unit 4 Spécial vacances


    Where you go/have been on holiday

    Give details about holidays

    Describe what you would like to do on holiday

    Talking about what you need on a holiday

    Describing what happened on a holiday

    Describing a tourist attraction


    Use of questions with an inversion

    Use of the pronoun y

    Using the conditional tense

    Revision of reflexive verbs

    Revision of the perfect tense

    Using quel in exclamations

    Using emphatic pronouns

    Developing reading comprehension

    Writing a blog about your holiday

    Unit 5 Moi dans le monde


    Saying what you are allowed and not allowed to do

    Saying what is important to you

    Saying what worries you

    Talking about things you buy

    Talking about what makes you happy

    Using idioms with avoir

    Using the imperative

    Using direct object pronouns

    Using si

    Using ce qui and ce que

    Using meilleur

    Understanding difficult texts

    Speaking at length about yourself


    Autumn Term


    Type of Assessment

    CAT 1

    Units 4 and 1

    listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing

    Spring Term



    CAT 2

    Units to date


    Summer Term



    CAT 3

    All units

    End of year exam- listening, reading and writing

    Main Resources:






    Course books

    Studio 2 and 3


    Recommended reading

    Unit résumés and notes

    Learning homework guidelines


    Recommended websites


    Languages online




    Pens, pencils, ruler, crayons. Pritt Stick should be brought to all lessons


    Enrichment opportunities:

    Activities in class

    Unit 6 Studio 2: Francophonie and French history

    Film study la Famille Bélier

    Support sessions

    As required

    Languages Club

    Weekday lunchtime as staffing permits