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Catering at King's

The catering service at King's is provided by Chartwells (Chartwells | The UK’s Leading School Catering Company)

We know how important it is for pupils to receive tasty, wholesome food whilst at school and look forward to welcoming pupils to join the Chartwells family from the start of term.

We love to encourage fun and experimentation at lunch times with our 11-18 year olds. As you’ll be well aware, they’re in their main development years and helping them make the best choices and broadening their food experiences is so important. Every day we strive to create the most tasty meals, that are nutritionally balanced and compliant with School Food Standards.

Access to Dining Facilities

The Tuk-Tuk outside the school reception is available to all years.

Day Main Dining Room Lower Foyer  School Field Tuk-Tuk

12:40-13:10 Year 8

13:10-13:40 Year 11

12:40-13:10 Year 10

13:10-13:40 Year 9
Year 7

12:40-13:10 Year 7 

13:10-13:40 Year 8  

12:40-13:10 Year 9

13:10-13:40 Year 10  
Year 11

12:40-13:10 Year 9

13:10-13:40 Year 10  

12:40-13:10 Year 11

13:10-13:40 Year 7
Year 8

12:40-13:10 Year 10  

13:10-13:40 Year 7  

12:40-13:10 Year 11 

13:10-13:40 Year 8  
Year 9

12:40-13:10 Year 11

13:10-13:40 Year 9  

12:40-13:10 Year 8 

13:10-13:40 Year 7
Year 10

This is what we do:

Create fresh food made with good honest ingredients 

We cater for all food tastes and dietary requirements – our menus will feature a variety of dishes 

We encourage all pupils to try something new and regularly provide sample taster pots for pupils to try.

These may include international foods linked to language groups, energy foods to support rehearsals and sports practice and traditional meals generally related to subjects such as history or music

We like to engage with pupils about menu choices and will regularly hold food committee meetings to gather feedback and propose new dishes and ideas

Know the basis:

If you are interested in learning more about our school lunches, please let us know, and we will be happy to talk to you in more details. Our catering team are always contactable for any questions and queries

Theme days – street food led:

Street food is not only a trend but how everyone eat day to day. ​

Theme days are a great way of introducing innovation into our offer and help keep students excited about our offer.​

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