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Extreme Weather Policy

Guidance for Parents/Carers in the case of extreme weather

The school will remain open unless we are forced to close because there is a risk to the health and safety of staff and students.  The school does, however, recognise that it is the decision of individual parents and carers to assess their local travel conditions and to decide whether they wish their son to travel to school during severe weather.

If we are closed, there will be an announcement on the news page of the school website.  This situation is highly unlikely and will be avoided where possible.  There is no need to contact the school to check whether the school is open. While we understand parental concerns, it would be helpful if parents/carers did not telephone the school at these times unless there is an emergency.

Should the weather turn worse during a school day, students will only be sent home where the bus companies inform us that they have decided to leave early.  If we are informed that  a bus service is running early, we will inform the relevant students and arrange for them to leave school at an appropriate time.  We will put a notice on the school website.  It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to check whether buses are leaving early.

No other students will be allowed to leave school early without permission from their parent/carer.  If we believe that any student is at risk of being unable to travel home safely, we will contact their parent/carer.

Should any parent/carer wish to make any alternative arrangements for their child they should put these in writing to the Head Master.

External Examinations

  1. Examinations will take place as timetabled whatever the circumstances.
  2. No special consideration can be given to students who fail to sit an examination.
  3. Those beyond walking distance must try to make arrangements to stay with friends.
  4. Any student unable to arrange this must inform Mr Dixon or Mr Whales who will make alternative emergency arrangements.

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