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Head of Department: Mr T D Cawthorn

Members of staff: Mr C Bufton, Mr S Brown, Mrs L Evans and Mrs Emma McKenna.

Mission statement

The Geography Department at King’s aims to stimulate an interest in and a sense of wonder about places and people at all scales from the personal and local to the regional and globe allowing our students to become truly global citizens who are aware of their social, moral and cultural responsibilities in an ever changing world.

The Geography Department

The department is regarded as a successful well motivated department, with an experienced and well qualified staff. The department has a suite of rooms within the Newton Block; one room being dedicated to the use of computers. Each classroom is networked to the school system and makes full use of interactive whiteboards and their usefulness in accessing current information through the use of the internet.

ICT is an integral part of the subject and the department have moved forward with new ideas as they become available within schools. Geography Information Systems (GIS) continue to progress, and the use of other specialist applications is encouraged by the pupils.

Where Next