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Head of Department: Mr Connor Bufton

Curriculum Intent

Understanding today’s global issues, from climate change to migration, requires both a strong appreciation of temporal and locational change and an academic knowledge of the myriad of sub-disciplines that form Geography.

Students gain an appreciation of the implications and vast opportunities presented by globalisation and hyper-development, a scientific understanding of the formation of the Earth, and the geographical processes to be found in the wider solar system; as well as developing the analytical skills to make sense of contemporary conflicts and global challenges.

The Geography Department at King’s aims to stimulate and promote a sense of wonder about places and people at all scales, from the personal and local, to the regional and global, allowing our students to become truly global citizens who are aware of their social, moral, and cultural responsibilities in an ever-changing world.

ICT is an integral part of the subject, and the department has moved forward with new ideas as they have become available to the school. Geographical Information Systems, or GIS, has continued to progress, and the use of other specialist applications are encouraged by the teaching staff that form the department.


The department has a suite of rooms within the Newton Block; with one room being dedicated to the use of computers for processing data, research, access to wider geographical material, and exploring GIS. Each classroom is networked to the school system and makes full use of interactive whiteboards and their usefulness in communicating information and modelling data to a range of learning styles.

Additional Information

In Key Stage Three, pupils are given the opportunity to attend the Geography Club and Eco Committee. At the clubs, pupils will cover areas including geography in the news, geographical debates around contemporary issues, model making and a wider range of other activities. These clubs take place weekly in room N204 and is run my Mrs Evans and Mr Bufton.

In Key Stage Four, pupils are given the opportunity to take part in the Geographical Association Worldwide Quiz. Pupils are also given the opportunity at GCSE to subscribe to the 'Wide World' Magazine, giving pupils the opportunity to further their knowledge and understanding of the topics studied at GCSE study.

In Key Stage Five, the geography department supports the curriculum with a range of extra and super-curricular opportunities. The department has strong links with the Universities of Nottingham, Liverpool, Leeds and Lincoln, this along with the Geographical Association (GA) and The Royal Geographical Society (RGS), meaning that we can offer a comprehensive range of lectures, workshops, conferences and in-house talks with real experts in their designated fields of study; an unparalleled networking and support package for any keen geography A-Level student. Pupils at Key Stage Five are also offered the opportunity to subscribe to the 'Geography Review' magazine in order to support the wider reading demands of the A-Level geography course. 

The Geography Department also runs an eco-club which involves students from all Key stages; currently they are working towards a green flag award through the eco-school's program. This opportunity takes place in room N202 on a Monday lunchtime, and as hosted my Mrs Evans and a team of Sixth Form Geographers.

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