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Computing - Year 10 Support Evening

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ICT: iMedia

  • Website design
  • Multimedia
  • Computer graphics
  • Software and project planning


  • Specifically programming and logic
  • How a computer works
  • Narrower more specific focus

GCSE structure

OCR iMedia

OCR Computing

3 x 40 hour projects : 75%

1 2 hour exam: 25%

1 20 hour project
2 written papers : 100%

Software development

Website Design

Computer Graphics

Associated Software

Project Planning


Develop computer programs to solve problems

Investigate computer hardware

Understand the use of

algorithms in computer programs

Computer theory, logic and operation

Programming skills – use VB6 mainly 

Also programming in SQL – database access

Key topics to be taught in year 10 

Specification reference Teaching hours
3.1 Business in the real world (3.1.1-3.1.7) 25 hours
3.2 Influences on business (3.2.1-3.2.6) 20 hours
3.4 Human resources (3.4.1-3.4.4) 15 hours
3.3 Operations management (3.3.1-3.3.4) 20 hours

GCSE: Support

Common Issues and Questions

  • Access to a PC at home will be useful
  • Year 10 really does set the benchmark – hard to recover from a poor start
  • Appropriate software at home can be an issue


  • Ask about deadlines
  • Read their coursework – if you don’t understand it, neither will the examiner
  • They may not be able to bring stuff  home
  • Homework can be varied depending on coursework or exam study


  • There will be times early on in Computing when they ‘don’t get it’ – this will pass
  • Need a deeper technical grasp of the subject and need to revise for CATS as substantial theory content
  • Workload will vary

GCSE: Departmental Support

How we support your son

  • A variety of online support and resource websites
  • Can come to Room 202/310 at lunch ‘most’ school days
  • Room 310 is for YR10/11/12 and 13 only
  • If required catch-up session at Easter
  • Regular one-to-one tutorials in lessons

Key Periods


  • End of Year 10 when one project and the exam will be completed.
  • Second modules in Year 11
  • Re-sit of Yr10 modules allowed


  • Practical projects from early on – learning to program
  • Exams end of Yr 11
Time management is important.
Some deadlines may be months off and this can catch several students out.

Stumbling blocks as per Year 11 feedback


  • Presentation of work and being able to deliver a quality project on own initiative
  • Poor management of time for projects
  • Work can feel pressured at key times – a 30 hour project can seem a lot in Yr10
  • Not ‘finishing’ anything – this is a common problem. The student thinks it is finished, but they’ve missed something out.


  • Larger topics to grasp
  • Can be slow to catch on
  • Need to practice
  • Not programmed before so might feel nervous when compared to other students


OCR iMedia

OCR Computing

Please email me for concerns, although try to rely on reports and parents evenings: 

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