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Language and Journalism Day

Sixth Form students attend languages day.

Five talented Year 12 students—David Theisler, Tim Mallinson, Josh Hubbard, Peter Slack and Brendan Cox—attended an enthusing and dynamic languages and journalism day at St George’s Academy in Sleaford.

In the morning they heard an inspirational talk by Simon Hart, a journalist with UEFA and the Independent newspaper.  He explained how he had the good fortune to interview many footballers of all nationalities and how the ability to communicate with them in their own language had enabled him to produce insightful and personalised pieces. 

For the remainder of the day it was over to the students to act as journalists to produce a front page French newspaper supplement to a professional standard.  The students also had to act as reporters, attending press conferences throughout the day (delivered in French, German and Spanish) and monitor computers for breaking news stories. 

The final piece, amusingly entitled ‘La Salade Parisienne’, was a triumph and gained a notable mention in the results stage of the competition. Although the boys did not win first prize, each one performed commendably and the group did win a prize for their entry paragraph as well as a special prize awarded to Brendan Cox for his involvement in a section on body language.

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