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House Rugby

Over 200 boys represent their House in the annual House Rugby competition last Saturday.

On Saturday we had a tremendous turn out for the House Rugby competition with over 200 boys playing competitive rugby for their Houses.

A big thank you to the 22 Sixth Form students that turned up to ref, coach and Marshall the event. They were wonderful role models for the younger year groups. The following Houses won:

Year 7


Year 8


Lower School

Foxe (Combination of the best scores from year 7 and 8 comp)

Year 9


Year 10/11


Middle School

Newton (Combination of the best scores from year 9 and 10/11 comp)

The overall winners of the House competition were Newton after a tie with School. Newton won the event as they had the most wins in all of the competitions.

Overall Points total:

1st Newton 310

2nd School 310

3rd Curteis 290

4th More 270

5th Foxe 270

6th Burleigh   

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