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Fantastic GCSE Results

Over 50% of subject entry grades at A* or A

Excellent GCSE results have been achieved by the vast majority of students.  This year the top achieving students are:

Freddy Young                                    11A*, 1A

Samuel Farrington                           10A*, 2A

Joshua Peters                                    10A*, 1A, 1B

Oliver Jakes                                        10A*, 1A

Cameron Cox                                     9A*, 3A

Samuel Salam                                    9A*, 2A, 1 B

Schools have been warned to expect ‘volatility’ in results over the next few years, and attaining the highest grades in external examinations is now a considerable challenge. This cohort of boys has exceeded our expectations with over 50% of subject entry grades being at A* or A.  Over 55% of boys gained at least 5 top grades at A*/A. This is a fantastic achievement and the boys deserve our warmest congratulations.

These outstanding grades are the result of a great deal of hard work on the part of students and staff alike. We are extremely proud of the boys, particularly as the national crackdown on grade inflation is now having an impact.    Though the pressure on students is considerable, at King’s we remain committed to a fully rounded education.  The boys not only achieve well in external examinations, but are also articulate, well-adjusted young men with wide interests beyond their timetabled lessons.

We are particularly grateful for the tremendous support that has been given to the boys by teaching staff and by parents.

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