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Managing Screen Time Lecture

Dr Aric Sigman delivered a lecture to parents in the Old School on Monday 23 April on Managing Screen Time and Screen Dependency

Pupils of all ages are watching more recreational screen media than ever before and many are finding it difficult to stop.  Dr Sigman's lecture to parents discussed how screen media should be a tool, not a burden or health risk. 

Dr Sigman is a Fellow of the Society of Biology, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Chartered Scientist.  He has worked extensively with the Department of Health, European Parliament and the Royal College of Paediatrics on teenage health. 

The evening lecture to parents looked at:

  • How recreational screen time may affect cognitive skills, attention, brain development, literacy and academic achievement.
  • How much and what type of electronic media children should be using before and after school hours, and at what ages.
  • What ‘multi-tasking’ does to children’s minds and brains.
  • What schools and parents should do together in deciding how much and what type of electronic media children should be using.

In addition to the parent workshop Dr Sigman also led a series of workshops during the school day to students.

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