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Year 13 - Exam Announcement

Important Information regarding Year13 Exam results


I have just seen the 4:00pm announcement by Ofqual. If you would like your Centre Assessed Grades CAG, please can you make that request through


We want to get these grades to you as quickly as possible but also must do that securely.


I have been made aware that we are having issues with undeliverable emails if you make a request and do not receive a response can you please contact us using a different email account, or alternatively if you have not received anything by email this evening from the school, please come to the School Office tomorrow a paper copy of the results will be available for you from 8:30am.


I have spoken to a number of universities and they are freezing their clearing process until they are given clarity on when they will receive these grades from the examination boards. Please check Track regularly.


I know that the algorithm that the exam boards used resulted in some grades being higher than our Centre Assessed Grades in a small number of cases and that the government announced that students could use their Mock result, which again could be higher than the Centre Assessed Grade. As soon as we have clarity on the process we can follow to enable us to give you the best grade profile we can we will do this.


This is a very frustrating time for everyone but most of all students who need clarity at a time when there are daily contradictory announcements. I am so sorry that after an abrupt end to the school year that you have also had to suffer this uncertainty.


I hope that we see some clarity soon and that you are able to have some closure on this difficult time.


Simon Pickett
Head Master

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