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X6 & 8 Transport information from Centre Bus

Dear All,

Spring Term Tickets covering the period 8th March to 1st April 2021 for Centrebus services X6 and 8 are now available to buy through our online shop on or as a m-ticket by downloading the Centrebus app in the Google Play or Apple Store.  Further information regarding our app can be found here.  Students will need to register as an user on the app to be able to buy a ticket and Ticket Gifting is also available, which allows parents to buy tickets on our mobile app and gift it to their child.  Further details regarding Ticket Gifting on our app can found here.   Please ensure you read our m-ticket terms of use before purchasing your ticket.

Journeys to Grantham Schools (including KGGS and Kings) on the X6/6 and 8 services will be operated as 'closed door' school journeys and all students travelling outside the Grantham zone (the Grantham zone is between Grantham and Barrowby on the X6/6 and Grantham and Denton on the 8 ) will need to purchase a Centrebus Spring Term (as detailed above) to travel. 

Students who normal travel from Barrowby onwards into Grantham on the X6 and Denton onwards into Grantham on the 8 (which is within the Grantham zone) will be able to use their Back to School smartcard on bus as normal for their travel.

The 6A service journeys to and from Bottesford will operate as a normal registered bus service which will be open to the public and carry 50% of normal capacity.  Passengers will be able to purchase a ticket on bus on this service as normal. 

The timetable for the X6 and 8 services will be finalised and available on our website towards the end of next week, based on sales and demand.  Once the timetables are confirmed I will email you a copy of these.

Kind Regards,

Bijel Mistry

Commercial Manager

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