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The 18th Century

Eighteenth Century Masters

  • 1684 to 1703 Samuel Burnett straddles the centuries.
  • 1703 to 1713 John Troughton [Usher Thomas Treverne].
    A local man, born in North Witham, and could easily have been a scholar at the school.  John Troughton graduated at Clare College Cambridge in 1690/1 and was a fellow there for seven years.  He was the Master at Lowestoft School in 1703 and Rector of Barkston from 1713 until his death in 1736.  The school has a copy of his Will.
  • 1713 to 1729 Jeremiah Ellis [Usher John Burke].
    An Etonian and King’s College graduate, Jeremiah Ellis graduated in 1709/10.  The college records say he was an Usher at Grantham and he could have been before he gained his M.A. in 1713 and became Master.  The school has a copy of his Will.
  • 1729 to 1768 Francis Bacon [Ushers Thomas Mirehouse; William Gibson and Joseph Hall].
    A scholar of the school, son of Edward Bacon of Grantham.  Francis Bacon left school aged 17 to study at Trinity College, Cambridge where he graduated in 1720.  He was ordained priest in 1725 and took office as Master of the school in 1729.  He also held the benefices of Ponton, West Allington and Muston while he was Master.  The school has a copy of his Will.
  • 1768 to 1814 Joseph Hall [Ushers John Hutchins; William Borrowdale; Mr Stopford]
    Joseph Hall was Master for 46 years and saw the school into the nineteenth century.  He graduated B.A in 1764 and M.A. in 1767.  Before his appointment at this school he had held the post of Chaplain to Earl Fitzwilliam and he was Vicar of Ancaster from 1769 until his death in 1814.  He also held the Rectorship of Snelland and the Vicarage of Hough-on-the-Hill.
    There were problems within the school.  Complaints were made that Usher, William Borrowdale, did not “comply to the Articles of the School” and he was suspended.  However, on investigation the Alderman and Burgesses accused Joseph Hall of failing to follow the Elizabethan Orders of 1571.  He had, they said, allowed the school to become dilapidated and used it as “a wood and coal house and established a private academy in the schoolhouse” also, converted it into a “brewhouse, laundry and stable, he will not permit William Borrowdale to attend ... the School”.  They also claimed that Joseph Hall had written to Corpus Christi College suggesting that the school should be pulled down and built anew.  Despite this, Joseph Hall remained as Master.  William Borrowdale was re-instated.  Joseph Hall died in 1814 and left all to his housekeeper, Hannah Moody, who two years later was required to return the painting of Bishop Fox before the final salary payment could be settled.  The school has a copy of Joseph Hall’s Will.

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