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Year 12 French Curriculum

Year 12 AQA French AS



Further details about the topic


Autumn Evolution of family. JW Trends in marriage and other forms of partnership; merits and problems of different family structures; problems between generations..

Listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammatical control and cultural understanding.

Use of reference materials and independent research. 

Structuring and justifying arguments, essay writing, oral presentation skills, translation and effective summarising.

Autumn French cinema. TLR Aspects of French cinema; developments in French cinema and its history; popularity of French cinema and film festivals. As above.

La Haine. (prescribed film) TLR

Detailed study of la Haine.

As above.

Cyber society. JW

Technology in everyday life; dangers of digital technology; users of digital technology and future developments.

As above.

Cultural inheritance. TLR

The notion of heritage; preservation of heritage on a local and national scale; France’s most important cultural heritage sites and their marketing strategies; impact of culture on heritage.

As above.
Spring Contemporary French music. TLR Popularity of francophone music and its diversity; who listens to French music, how often and how; threats to French music and safeguarding. As above.

Voluntary work. TLR

Range of voluntary work in France; benefits of voluntary work to all concerned; impact on society.

As above.
Summer Completion of above topics. As above.

Speaking exams are usually held in the first week of May and there is a focus on preparation for this.  Past papers are also completed in preparation for the listening, reading and writing exams.

Summer Grammar completed by the end of the year.

Nouns, articles, adjectives, numerals, adverbs, quantifiers, pronouns, verbs and tenses, prepositions, conjunctions, negation, questions, commands, word order, other constructions, discourse markers, fillers.

As above.




Type of Assessment


Evolution of family; cyber society; cinema.

Reading, listening and writing.


Speaking: all topics to date. Writing:La Haine.

Speaking and writing.


All topics and film.

Full AS paper:speaking,listening, reading and writing.

Main Resources:



Text books

Oxford University Press course for Year 12 A level study and materials produced by the department including grammar notes.

Kerboodle online platform.

Support materials

Grammar notes.

Department has stocks of literature, CDs and DVDs for use by pupils.

Recommended websites

Kerboodle resources.

Reverso online dictionary.

Languages Online.



Folders and associated materials which encourage good organisation; a sound basic dictionary; verb tables.


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