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Year 7 French Curriculum

Introduction to French/Revision: Accès Studio



Units 1-13 Introduction to basic topics in French


Bonjour! Meeting and greeting people ; spelling in French
Quel âge as-tu? Counting to 21 ; saying how old you are
Joyeux anniversaire! Days and months ; saying when your birthday is

Dans mon sac

Contents of your bag /the indefinite article and plurals
Ma salle de classe Describing your classroom/the definite article
J’adore le judo Likes and dislikes ; talking about hobbies
Les goûts et les couleurs Colours ; adjectives
Tu as un animal? Talking about animals/using a dictionary
Ma grand-mère est une hippie! Talking about your family/using mon, ma and mes

J’habite dans un château!

Saying where you live ; using petit and grand
A table! Saying what you eat and drink ; ordering in a café
Mon pays Nationalities and countries; using être

La météo

Talking about the weather ; rhyming and syllables

Year 7 Continued: Studio 1 Units 1-4



Studio 1 Unit 1 C’est perso!


Likes and dislikes gender and definite article le la l'les -er verbs singular
Possessions indefinite articles in une (des) avoir singular
Describing personal characteristics être singular; adjectival agreement singular.

Describing physical appearance

mon ma mes ton ta tes

Unit 2 Mon college


School subjects connectives, intensifiers
Times and timetables numbers 1-60
School routine sing. -er verbs
School food partitive article de la de l' du des
Culture: School in France/Christmas in France  

Unit 3 Mes passetemps


Use of computers and mobiles complete paradigm –er verbs
Frequency jouer + à la  à l’  au  aux
Talking about playing sports paradigm faire + de la  de l’  du  des
Talking about other activities opinions + infinitive
Saying what you like doing complete paradigm être
Culture: Sport and leisure activities in France  

Unit 4 Ma zone


Places in a town il y a + il n’y a pas de, the negative, questions
Expressing opinions complete paradigm aller + à la  à l’  au  aux
Places in a theme park, directions  
Invitations use of vouloir
Saying what one can do pouvoir
Culture: Geography of France  




Type of Assessment


Accès Studio; Unit 1

Listening, reading and writing


Unit 1-3

Speaking (unit 2), listening, reading and writing (units 1-3)

Main Resources: 



Course book

Accès Studio booklet

Studio 1 in class

Other materials

Unit résumés

Online platform (This provides access to the textbook, online homework and additional practice exercises)

Recommended websites

Linguascope (school subscription)

Languages online



Pens, pencils, ruler, rubber and Pritt Stick should be brought to all lessons.

Enrichment opportunities:

Activities in class

Study of the film Vie de chat, Spelling Bee

Support sessions

As required

Languages Club

Weekday lunchtime as staffing permits


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