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Year 7 Science Curriculum

  Biology Chemistry Physics
Autumn Term


Living processes, cells in plants and animals, unicellular organisms and the role of the human skeleton, muscles & joints.

The particulate nature of matter

How all matter is made of particles, states of matter, solutions and several techniques for separating mixtures


How to describe the motion of objects using calculations and graphs, what a force is, different types of force and their effects on objects

Spring Term

Ecosystems 1 

Describing the factors and components of an ecosystem, feeding relationships within food chains and webs, competition, reproduction in flowering plants.

Reactions 1

Acids and alkalis, metals and non-metals and their oxides, metal reactivity series, displacement reactions and making salts.

Electricity  1 & Energy 1

Types of energy, energy transfers, conservation of energy, voltage, current & electrical circuits, using electricity, efficiency.

Summer Term

Genes 1

Inherited variations and environmental variation, adolescence, human reproduction.

Earth 1

Earth’s layered structure, rock types, the solar system, phases of the moon.

Waves 1

Transmission of light and sound, wave features, reflection, refraction, the ear, the eye.

Induction/Enquiry Processes

Students learn about what science is, what scientists do and the skills needed to be a good scientist.



  Topic Type of Assessment

Organisms 1

Matter 1

Forces 1

One 48-mark assessment per topic used cumulatively to assign a CAT1 level based on a combined score.


Ecosystems 1

Reactions 1

Electricity 1 & Energy 1

One 48-mark assessment per topic used cumulatively to assign a CAT2 level based on a combined score.

Main Resources

Resource Details Term
Text books

Activate 1 AQA Text Books will be used in class. Students will be given a login to access an electronic copy of this book. This will be accessed via

Although not essential, you may wish to purchase a physical copy of the text book; search for ISBN: 0198408242.

It is recommended that students obtain a key stage 3 revision guide such as one from CGP; search for ISBN: 184146385X.

FROG (VLE) Additional resources will be added throughout the year to the school VLE.  

Enrichment opportunities

Activity or trip Day and time or term

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