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After the Examinations

If you are concerned about an examination result, you can request a clerical re-check, a review of marking or request a copy of the marked paper. It is recommended that you discuss your results with a member of staff before applying for any post exam services. 

If you are an A level student who needs to gain certain grades for University entrance, there is a priority review of marking available. Appeals under this service must be submitted within one week of the publication of results. You should discuss any concerns first with the Head of Sixth Form or the Head of Subject.

Warning: Please be aware that your marks and subject grades may be lowered, confirmed or raised. Candidates written consent is required before any result enquiries are made and fees may apply.

The JCQ booklet available for download (JCQ Post Results Services June 2023 - also below) sets out the common arrangements for post-results services.

Awarding bodies may offer additional post-results services. As the awarding bodies will publish their own administrative guidelines on post-results services, please read this booklet together with the information issued by the awarding bodies (links below).

AQA Post Results Services

Edexcel (Pearson) Post Results Services

OCR Post Results Services

WJEC Post Results Services


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