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GCSE Art - Years 10 & 11


AQA Art, Craft and Design: The specification and assessment structure can be found at the link: AQA | Art and Design | GCSE | Art and Design

What will I study?

The course builds on the key concepts studied within KS3 in terms of recording ideas and insights through visual and written form, responding to contextual sources and using these as inspiration, experimenting with materials to develop and refine ideas and presenting work in the form of outcomes and preparation evidence. Each project also builds on the practical skills developed within KS3 such as drawing for purpose, printing, painting, sculpture, collage, relief and textiles techniques. Students are introduced to a wider variety of approaches to these media and use more advanced materials and approaches.

Students also study a wider variety of sources to develop their contextual understanding. Projects change year-on-year in terms of focal point, but all projects have the same key concepts and experiences for students for them to complete their coursework.

What Skills and Qualities are required?

  • Creative
  • Practical
  • Imaginative

How will I learn?

You will learn through gaining the skills, techniques and processes to develop your ideas into visual form, by being informed of the diverse and exciting world of Art and how to look and use other artists work in their own idea development. You will be encouraged to develop an educated opinion and appreciation of Art forms.

How will I be assessed?

In formal terms there is weighting of 60% for the coursework element and 40% for the timed test.  Assessment follows two broad strands.  Firstly students are assessed on their ability to develop ideas from a range of stimuli, including the work of other artists.  The second part of the assessment takes account of how well students use the particular process they have chosen to make their work. 

Where could it lead?

Graphic design, Illustrator, Fine Artist, Product designer, Animation, CGI Artist, Media work, Textile designer, Art therapist, Fashion designer, Printmaker, Community arts worker.


KS4 students build a portfolio of practical work throughout the course. The portfolio is marked against the 4 assessment objectives holistically at the end of the course along with the Examination project.

Year 10

  Topic Further details about the topic Homeworks
Autumn Term

Classwork A03, A04, A02

Homework A04 (A02, A01)

New media techniques and drawing and painting skills.

  • Photography
  • Lino
  • Mono
  • Batik
  • Brushwork
  • Colour
  • Drawing skills

Collage portrait project. AO4

The project has one compulsory task (AO4) and 2 tasks to provide stretch and challenge (A01 and A02). Homework is set every 6 lessons to enable the project to be completed.
Spring Term

Classwork A01, AO2, A03, AO4

Homework A04 (AO1)

Abstract painting project (Fine Art)

  • Drawing
  • Artist connections
  • Paint experiments
  • Developing ideas
  • Refining ideas
  • Final piece

Class feedback and correct and reflect.

Artist portrait project. A04, A01.

The project contains 2 compulsory tasks and 2 stretch and challenge tasks. (A03, A02)

Summer Term

Year 11

  Topic Further details about the topic Homeworks
Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
1&2 Examination

Exam preparation time.

Students are given their exam paper.


Resources Topic Type of assessment
CAT 1 Print making and media experiments. Coursework
CAT 2 Abstract painting Project
CAT 3 Main GCSE project Project
CAT 4 Ongoing GCSE portfolio NEA
CAT 5 Ongoing GCSE portfolio NEA
CAT 6 Students critically analyse artists work. Students explore artists methods. GCSE Assessment Objectives

Main Resources

Resource Details Term
Recommended reading Taschen Art Series
The Story of Art. E.H.Gombrich
Recommended websites All

Enrichment opportunities

Activity Day and time or term
Lunchtime extension classes Day
After School Class  

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