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Year 8 Mathematics Curriculum

  Topic Further details about the topic
Autumn Term
1 Ratio and Proportion, Algebra: Brackets, Arithmetic: Fractions and Percentages

Mathematics Enhancement Program

2 Probability – Two Events, Angles, Bearings and Maps, Formulae, Money and Time Mathematics Enhancement Program
Spring Term
1 Straight Line Graphs , Polygons, Circles and Cylinders, Units of Measure  Mathematics Enhancement Program
2 Speed, Distance and Time, Similarity, Questionnaires and Analysis Mathematics Enhancement Program
Summer Term
1 Base Arithmetic, Basic Operations, Indices, Standard Form, Fractions and Percentages Mathematics Enhancement Program
2 Indices and Standard Form, Linear Graphs and Equations, Probability, Transformations and Statistical diagrams   


  Topic Type of Assessment
CAT 1 GCSE grades 1 to 5 2 x 1 hour assessments
CAT 2 GCSE grades 1 to 5

End of Year Exam

1 hour non-calculator

1 hour Calculator

½ hour Speed Test 

Main Resources

Resource Details Term
Text books MEP Books 8A and 8B All
Recommended Reading Please see link on Maths home page  
Recommended websites

Mathematics Enhancement Program

Equipment Pen, pencil, full geometry set and Casio scientific calculator All

Enrichment opportunities

Activity or trip Day and time or term
Maths Challengers Club Thursday lunchtime
Junior Maths Challenge June
Junior House Maths Challenge February
Junior Team Maths Challenge March

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