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Year 8 Music Curriculum

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Autumn Term

History of Popular Music

Develop notation, performance skills (vocal and instrumental) and theory of chords/harmony. Listening work on history of popular music.



Using popular songs to develop use of melody, chords and harmony.

Spring Term

Structures in Music

Developing listening skills.

Performing in a ternary style. Listening Test.


Structures in Music

Improvisation based on pentatonic scale

Performance work.

Listening Test.

Summer Term

Music and Culture

12 Bar Blues Listening and composition work.

End of year listening test.


Performance project

Mozart Horn Concerto and other well known classical pieces. Performance work.

Listening Test.


  Topic Type of Assessment
CAT 1 History of Popular Music Performance
CAT 2 Music and Culture End of year exam

Main Resources

Resource Details Term
Text book Music Matters 11 – 14 Book 2 by Chris Hiscock and Marian Metcalfe All
Recommended Reading

The AB guide to Music Theory Part 1 by Eric Taylor


Recommended Websites


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Enrichment opportunities

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Junior Choir

Senior Choir  
Wind Band  
Junior Percussion Ensemble  
Junior Brass Ensemble  
Junior Big Band   
Concert Band  

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