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Year 8 English Curriculum

  Topic Further details about the topic
Autumn Term
1 The Island project – you invent your own land, extending what you have learned about etymology in year 7 to place names.

This will encompass and develop various writing skills

2 Various pieces of writing linked to this invented island to develop writing skills. Students will engage with and respond to a range of non-fiction texts.
Spring Term
1 A formal letter

This may be linked to your current reader.


Greek Mythology – a research based project encompassing a wealth of reading and writing skills. This knowledge proves indispensable in the study of poetry at GCSE and A level.


Summer Term

Detective Charts – investigating famous sleuths


2 A detective story



Apart from the initial writing exercise to establish realistic writing levels, boys will be assessed each term on reading (which includes a vocabulary and grammar element) and writing. There is also a separate grammar test which is sent home to be pre-prepared. For the reading tests we have selected passages that we hope will engage the students’ interest to such an extent that they will wish to read the books from which they are taken.

  Topic Type of Assessment
CAT 1 Short writing task to reassess after six week holiday! Written assessment


End of Year Exam

Main Resources

Resource Details Term
Readers – you will study three books which might include some of the following.


The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Sue Townsend

Cue for Treason Geoffrey Trease

A Wizard of Earthsea Ursula Le Guin

Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan-Doyle

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Shakespeare

The Odyssey adapted by David Calcutt

Equipment Writing pen, glue, scissors and highlighters.  

Enrichment opportunities

Activity or trip Day and time or term

Theatre visits, visiting authors, and attending poetry readings are dependent on what is available when.

As appropriate

Extra English Sessions are available. Please speak with your class teacher to find out details.

As appropriate

For KS3 there are reading mentors to help those who are under-confident in reading aloud.

There are opportunities to take part in public speaking and mock trials competitions  

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