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Year 9 English Curriculum

  Topic Further details about the topic
Autumn Term
1 Catapulting forward a thousand years: your vision of the future

This will encompass and develop various writing skills

2 Fun with Puns, Clichés  & Metaphors Writers’ visions of the future stimulate your own ideas for a place in which a story unfolds
Spring Term
1 Writing a sonnet

Various reading and writing skills will be addressed.


Story-telling/Lord of the Flies leadership contest

Various reading and writing skills will be addressed

Summer Term

A whole Shakespeare play

Various reading and writing skills will be addressed

2 A whole Shakespeare play

Various reading and writing skills will be addressed


Apart from the initial writing exercise to establish realistic writing levels, boys will be assessed each term on reading (which includes a vocabulary and grammar element) and writing. There is also a separate grammar test which is sent home to be pre-prepared. For the reading tests we have selected passages that we hope will engage the students’ interest to such an extent that they will wish to read the books from which they are taken.

  Topic Type of Assessment
CAT 1 Short writing task to reassess after six week holiday! Written assessment

GCSE style Shakespeare exam based on whichever play has been studied. This will be planned in class.

GCSE style poetry comparison based on Ode to Autumn by John Keats and Death of a Naturalist by Seamus Heaney.

Two exams to prepare year 9 for the closed book exams they will experience at GCSE. These examine Literature texts but the analytical skills are also relevant to GCSE Language

Main Resources

Resource Details Term
Equipment Writing pen, glue, scissors and highlighters.  

Enrichment opportunities

Activity or trip Day and time or term

Theatre visits, visiting authors, and attending poetry readings are dependent on what is available when.

As appropriate

Extra English Sessions are available. Please speak with your class teacher to find out details.

As appropriate

For KS3 there are reading mentors to help those who are under-confident in reading aloud.

There are opportunities to take part in public speaking and mock trials competitions  

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