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Year 7 English Curriculum

Key topics to be taught this year:

Autumn Term

What you will be doing might include some of the following … These are only a few examples of a rich and diverse curriculum.

Further details


About Myself – an introduction to yourself and your family



A project incorporating many reading and writing and research skills. One of those on offer is our famous Dragon Project.


Spring Term




A talk about your pets

A presentation


Homophone Challenge

A knockout competition

Summer Term




Spelling Bee



Survival Guide

Can you be our champion? Follow the link to the list of words for the preliminary rounds to get ahead.

Will yours be the one chosen to be copied and given out at New Entrants’ Evening?


Escape from Kraznir

We don’t want to spoil the surprise – but you will be inventing a persona who will lead a group of spies on an adventure. This will involve learning how to write (and enact) fight scenes and will employ all the skills you have learned in year 7.

Assessments:  Apart from the initial writing exercise to establish realistic writing levels, boys will be assessed each term on reading (which includes a vocabulary and grammar element) and writing. There is also a separate grammar test which is sent home to be pre-prepared. For the reading tests we have selected passages that we hope will engage the students’ interest to such an extent that they will wish to read the books from which they are taken.



Common Assessment


Initial Writing Test






End of Year Exam

Main Resources:




Readers – you will study three books which might include some of the following.


We do not use textbooks, which date too quickly, preferring to generate our own resources to suit the needs of our classes.

The Hobbit J. R.R. Tolkien

The Ghost of Thomas Kempe Penelope Lively

The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Graham

Skellig David Almond

Private Peaceful Michael Morpurgo


There are also a number of plays and a selection of poetry.


Recommended reading

Recommended reading list provided on school website, a hard copy of which was distributed at the year 6 parents’ evening.

We also recommend that you read a range of media in areas that interest you – but always be willing to try something out of your comfort zone.


Recommended websites

How You Can Help Your Son Succeed in Year 7 (school website)


Enrichment opportunities (all year groups)

Theatre visits, visiting authors, and attending poetry readings are dependent on what is available when.

For KS3 and KS4 Extra English Sessions are available from 8.45 to 9.10 each morning depending on the year group. Please speak with your class teacher to find out details.

For KS3 there are reading mentors to help those who are under-confident in reading aloud.

There are opportunities to take part in public speaking and mock trials competitions.

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